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Creating Communities.
Developing Partnerships.

This is what we do. The result can be seen in the
many successful projects Corcoran Jennison has
completed over the years, including residential
housing, hotels, resorts, health facilities, academic
campuses, retail centers and golf courses.


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Park Square West
Stamford, CT

1 Park Square West,
   Phase 1
2 Outdoor dining
3 Park Square West,
4 Southport Brewing

Corcoran Jennison has structured creative and financially successful multifamily projects with partners, including land owners, investors and developers nationwide. Expertise in urban multifamily developments has made us active participants in redeveloping downtowns and helping to create lively city centers.

A prime example is Park Square West in Stamford, CT. Corcoran Jennison was chosen to redevelop this downtown parcel adjacent to the legendary Palace Theatre and the new Majestic Theatre. To help rejuvenate the area, Corcoran Jennison proposed four luxury buildings providing a total of 540 apartments with 20% of the units made affordable for city, service and retail employees. Twenty-four hour retail and entertainment round out the amenities, creating a critical mass of residents now living, working and enjoying the nightlife of downtown Stamford.