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In 1993 Corcoran Jennison, along with a limited partner, purchased Westminster Company, a subsidiary of Weyerhauser Company.  With offices in Greensboro, North Carolina and Columbia South Carolina, Westminster is valued over $180 million and manages 66 properties and over 5,000 units. Property management at Westminster combines proven management expertise with compassion for the well being of residents.  

Westminster manages affordable and tax credit mixed-income rental properties with a 
common philosophy that combines our management expertise with compassion for the well being of 
residents. Through our extensive experience in managing different types of communities we understand 
that innovative resident service programs catering to and created by for each specific site, helps 
residents become involved in their community, take pride in their community, and become good neighbors.  

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          Bayside Office Center at Columbia Point  150 Mount Vernon Street  Boston, MA 02125